• Precision Petroleum Labs was established in 1989 with the main objective of performing chemical and physical  property testing of petroleum and petrochemicals on such products as gasoline, diesel fuel, recycled oil, residual  fuels, solvents and many more products.  Since that time, PPLI has evolved and expanded into a full fledged environmental laboratory performing analysis on such products as water, waste water, soil, sludges, solids and many more materials.

PPLI is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved lab and as such it holds certification with National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Counsel (NELAC). PPLI  holds certifications in many states some of which are, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, New York, New Mexico. PPLI also keeps in close contact with American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) which implements  and updates all petroleum testing procedures. PPLI also performs full biodiesel testing.

PPLI provides testing services to independent traders, oil recyclers, oil gatherers, refiners, chemical plants, environmental firms, asphalt plants, disposal facilities, regulatory agencies and many more entities.